Energy Audit

HIAS Corporation offer a precise energy  balance of a company, sector, activity or use of energy. It allows the precise  quantification of the potential for energy savings and the development of an action plan and a consumption monitoring planSimple energy audits equip building owners with a list of no-cost or low-cost recommendations and a general road map for future planning. Many of these recommendations are easily implemented by operations and maintenance staff, and energy savings are seen almost immediately. Resulting cost savings can then be put toward future energy efficiency projects. More complex energy audits provide a comprehensive energy efficiency capital investment plan in line with a building owner’s financial goals. This type of rigorous energy audit is typically part of a larger energy management program, and may include partnering with an energy services company to fully realize energy savings opportunities. Whether you are looking for simple retrofits or a long-term investment project, an energy audit is the first step toward reducing energy use and improving the performance of facilities in your portfolio. 

Energy audits identify:

• No-cost operational or maintenance adjustments that will save energy

• Short-term, low-cost energy efficiency retrofit recommendations

• Action plans for energy efficiency capital investments

• Comfort and code issues that can be addressed immediately

• Opportunities for better adherence to lighting and comfort standards 

Africa Energy Generation Prize 2016

PayGo energy was selected on process of the Africa Energy Generation Prize 2016! We are one of the 10 candidates that will integrate the Energy Generation Academy for one training...

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